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We are Safety & Security Consultants for Educational Institutions. We assist schools to proactively identify risks, build a customized comprehensive security plan that ensures mitigation of risks and bring about a culture change through our safety program with regards to safety at schools.

Fundamentals of Safety at School

In partnership with global safety experts, we at Campus Fortify have designed – The Fundamentals Of Safety Approach – a systematic approach to assess threats & risks to educational institutions.

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Safety Certification & Training

Our expertise is to review the existing safety practices at the organisation and guide for future course of action through training, capacity building and audit leading towards Safe School Certification.

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Safety Audit Management Software

A Safety Audit tool, a must audit software to streamline safety audits & inspections and helps in the resolution of identified hazards to be conducted in a planned and timely manner.

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The safety program conducted by Campus Fortify is holistic and takes into consideration direct threats as well as indirect threats to safety in schools. We conduct comprehensive Safety Audits, Safety Trainings, we submit customized Safety Manuals, Emergency Preparedness manuals, Infectious disease manuals as well as creative posters for continuous education on Safety, Health & Hygiene.

Why Campus Fortify?

Our core strength is to audit and identify risks and compliance threats to the campus or organisation from various internal or external factors. This will help your organisation to minimise the high cost of unsafe behaviours that result out of accidents or incidents that occur due to non-identification of threats or non-preparedness to face challenges.


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